“Wholesaling” Puts Homeowners at Risk

Many individuals that refer to themselves as “Real Estate Investors” offering to buy a home without representation of a realtor are in fact not at all interested in buying your home. Frequently referred to as real state “wholesaling” this business model involves the home owner signing a contract and the wholesaling selling the contract (legally referred to as “assigning”) to another buyer at an increased price. As the wholesalers focus is not buying the home just getting a contract they often do not have the expertise required to conduct a legal real estate transaction. As the wholesalers intent is to find an actual buyer for the home their process often includes having multiple showings of the home with 10-20 people at each showing. This model is very risky, time consuming and inconvenient for the home owner. Additionally if the home owner has legal or lender challenges related to the home the wholesaler will be ill equipped to assist with these problems. At Lighthouse Home Solutions we do not sell contracts or wholesale. Lighthouse will be your house with their money and will not expose the homeowner to risks that will be encountered with wholesalers.