Can I really sell my house in one day ?

Yes! Cash in your pocket in less than 24 Hours!

Lighthouse Home Solutions has purchased many homes within 24 hours from the time of meeting the homeowner or viewing the home. Most residential real estate transactions take 1-3 months to execute and “close”. A majority of this time is needed for the buyer to qualify and obtain financing or a home loan. At Lighthouse Home Solutions we purchase with our own money. We have cash in the bank ready to invest and do not need time to obtain approval for financing or a loan. During a typical real estate transaction time is also needed to get a formal, third party inspection and coordinate with a real estate agent. Lighthouse will inspect the home ourselves and will not need to wait for a third party inspection. Lighthouse also writes and executes all of our contracts ourselves without the need for a real estate agent saving the homeowner valuable time and money. From the time that Lighthouse can verify the homeowners outstanding loan balance and validate whether there are additional liens or judgements tied to the home we can complete a home purchase a pay cash to the seller in as little as 24 hours.